A Little Organization & A Shop

 Before I get to the organization and shop part I have to say today and yesterday were awesome, mainly because of the weather. It was so warm and sunny and it just kept me going. 
I've also been painting this nightstand since Monday, so far the inside color is not working for me. No big deal I'll try something different but other then that I've been working on the computer and on smaller items.
You can see the nightstand on my Facebook page.

I recently organized my computer area/home office and not only was I having a hard time finding items It just needed to be done.
I also needed to have items near by for storing my receipts for work and my Etsy papers.

eeek I just realized my "at sign" is upside down

I moved my printer and added the paper holder, its nothing fancy but will do for now and it was free. Next to the paper those boxes hold my cords I dont use on a daily basis like iPod, extra camera cords and etc...the other one holds my label maker.

This is what it looked like before...a mess

  I had to organize the printing paper from my cardstock because it was confusing my guy and now its easier to get the paper I need. I made tags to label for him mainly.

The magazine files are holding my Etsy,receipts,blog items and my custom work info. These cost $1.99 for 5 at Ikea. As you can see one was covered with paper and I haven't done the others yet.
To the let are some old books and a 1940's block printing book. 

 I would like to get a better container to hold the pens and little pads of paper but I haven't had time to go get one yet.
The cute owls figurines are made of brass, we think the bigger ones are paper weights.

I also organized the magazine files in the cabinet and my binders filled with design ideas.

I still need to work on the rest of the cabinets and then the closet near by. I want to make space for all my packaging items so everything can be in one place.

 The last thing I want to share is we've decided to open up another Etsy shop, this one will be just for vintage goods and we have a lot. 

Like this

a coffee burlap sack 

so old mason jars in need of cleaning but in great shape. 

We also have 1930's London news papers, old books and cute fisher price toy from the 60's, Johnson Brothers dishes and so much more so I think it makes sense for us to sell it separately from my shop.

My guy does most of the collecting of the items and I run the shop.

This is our shop's name. 

I've design the banner also. I'm finishing up on pictures and want to list a bunch of items before I spread the word.

I'm excited about this

by the way my guys name is Jim I dont need to call him guy anymore.


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