Painted Knobs & DIY Light Box

The weather was beautiful today, warm and sunny. Not normal for March here in New England but I'll take it. 
I got a lot done today, I took photos, made new clay knobs, painted some chalkboard tags, took more photos, worked on the nightstand, cleaned and then I relaxed and read some magazines outside. 

I still feel like I could of done more. 

I've been wanting to make a light box for taking photos of small items inside the house when there are days that are dark and cloudy or just so I dont have to bring things up and down the stairs.

I tried the cardboard box idea but I need to get fabric and didn't want to drive to the store so instead I used a small frosted storage bin from Ikea. 

It worked for my knobs but is not big enough. 
I used my clamp lights, one on each side and a piece of white poster-board for the inside. My clamp lights are too strong because it started melting the side.
I think I'll look for a large bin and buy some fabric.

This is where I learned how to make the light box

I also searched Pinterest 
There were a lot of pins on diy light boxes 

These are my new herringbone knobs I hand-painted, the first two photos were taken in the light box. I had to fix the levels a bit in Photoshop. 

This photo was taken in my kitchen as most of my photos are.

As you can see there is a big difference. I think I need more lighting for the light box. 

here are some other knobs
I'm loving this green color right now. 

orange with metallic silver numbers outlined with a turquoise.

These will be up for sale soon on my etsy. 

I also took lots of photos of the vintage goods for our new etsy shop i mention a week ago.  I want to have many items ready to list and share it when I have at least 20 items on. 

These are vintage silver serving spoons, we have a box full of beautiful silver pieces. 

I'm hoping to have the shop up and running by next week. 

I'm excited for the week....and the awesome weather were suppose to have all week!!!