A Simple Bench

Here is another project I created before Christmas but never got around to sharing. I actually have a few things I need to do to complete it. 

I had this thick board that I took from my guys scrap wood and with its lovely grains showing I knew it had to be good for something.

I might have used it a few times under pieces when painting, so you can see some spots of red and white. 

The legs came from a off Ikea LACK side table look alike from Target.

 I primed them with Stix and then painted a few coats of my leftover Martha Stewart Schoolhouse Slate

I stained the top in Minwax Dark Walnut

  I haven't sealed the top yet.

You can see here that the leg is a bit crooked, I also need to finish screwing the L-brackets to fix that and add more support.

I'm not sure if I want it here or somewhere else yet. 
I could see a plant or two on top but my dog is fresh when it comes to dirt.

I also spent my afternoon cleaning the kitchen. Sweeping,vacuuming,tidying up and moping.
I placed this runner on the table that I bought last year from Pier One for really cheap. 

I love the colors, the embroidery and of course the birds.

I love birds 
(not that black chair)

 I'm having issues on where to place that plant, my dog sticks her nose in it so it needs to be up high. I'm not sure if its even doing well.

I also started painting another stool after I finished cleaning. I was given five stools and one was mismatched so I decided to keep it and add it to my island, although it wont match the same shape I'm painting it the same color to help blend it in. 

I actually completed many tasks today  :o)

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