Love My Tools

 I received my new toy on Saturday

I'm so excited to start reupholstering the chairs in my studio. 

I get more excited about new tools then clothes. 
I did some research before I bought this. I had no clue what pneumatic staple gun I should buy until I asked Marian from Miss Mustard Seed. I'm glad I asked her. I bought mine from Amazon. It cost me $89 on sale. All the places I searched they were the cheapest and I love Amazon as I buy from them all the time, from boots to tools they are a great place and great customer service.

Did I mention this does not have a safety latch? So I will have to be careful not to staple myself but if it happens it shouldn't hurt to bad this can only hold small staple sizes.

The other best part is we have the air compressor in our garage and a hose going through the garage to my studio in the basement so I can easily work downstairs.

 I even bought the staples on Amazon, $11 for 10,000.

Do you like buying tools?