Our Bedroom Still Needs A Makeover

Its been a long time since I started cleaning out our bedroom to give it a new paint job, update some of the furniture and some decor.  Well much hasn't happen with the room since then. I've been busy with other things that it has been neglected. 

I've been planning our room for a while and finding the perfect paint color has been very difficult. Its never hard for me to find colors for furniture but for a room its much different.
I'm looking for a shade of light gray with no green or beige tones. 

I like Pale Silver from Restoration Hardware.

I also like Wickham Gray from Benjamin Moore.
 It does have blue tones in it

Do you know a lovely shade of a light gray?

Here is a bird's eye plan of our bedroom the way I want it

I drew this and then scanned and photo

 It actually is like this already except we need to move the bed over to the left and that will give us plenty of room for a couch. The TV/dresser and desk are already in the same place as shown in the photo. I have a shelf I'm redoing to sit on top of the desk for storage. I'm also debating on buying bookshelves for by the door.

 We also decided a couch would be nice to have in our room. Another place to sit and read or for the dog to lounge. I drew up this plan and fooled around on Photoshop adding the couch,pillows,paint,bedding and rug. The color on the walls are wickham gray and to the right you can see my desk/hutch I drew. 

Here is the free couch I got today.

Its a loveseat but a great size for the space. I'm not sure if I want to reupholster this or just make a slipcover. It will definitely need a thicker cushion and a bunch of pillows for the back.

I already have two 6 by 9 drop-cloths awaiting for use. I might use them for this couch.

I really can't wait to have our bedroom a peaceful and fun place to be.