Open Market & Some Finds


 Tuesday is the 1st day of May. April flew by so fast. May 20th is our first show at the Sowa Open Market in South Boston. I will be attending with my sister Liz. She will selling her amazing pottery and I'm going to try to bring furniture that isn't huge and hard to carry and then a bunch of small things.

Were getting closer to the date so I'm figuring out displaying ideas and how I want to make a sign.



I love anything to do with crates because I have a bunch sitting aside 

This weekend was again...filled with baseball and tee-ball games. It was a cold and windy weekend also. I did nothing on Saturday night but read and relax and today after more baseball I finally finished the slipcover! I only had to work on the cushion and its done. Tomorrow I'm going to iron the main slipcover and vacuum the couch and hopefully get it in our room for photos.


I made the cushion more comfy and thicker by adding quilt batting. It cost me $9 for a full size. I didn't want to spend a fortune on batting and foam. It actually worked out well. I rolled it around and sprayed with adhesive glue.

and here are some new finds

typewriter cart

vintage stool and neat drop-leaf side table 
I've been wanting a typewriter cart for a while, not sure why but I was pretty excited to get it. I think it would be a great bed side table!

I also have some exciting giveaways coming soon!