Tags and More

 I made some pinwheels today!
I'm working on a tutorial and will share these another time.....

We had a sunny day so I took some photos of some tags I've finished a week ago. 

small painted wood number tags
great for organization

large wood tags painted in gray and turquoise
stained wood on the back

chalkboard tags

driftwood stained large tags with bright green painted numbers

 clay welcome tags

 this is a vintage porcelain enamel bucket I found

 Most of the items will be at the Sowa and the wood and clay tags will be up on my Etsy shop soon.

I did more crafting today then painting.....today was a great day until I took one of the boys to baseball practice and my car was being odd. It was moving over the left and doing other weird things so I pulled over and looked around the car. 
This is what I found

See all the corrosion? See how the metal isn't even attached together anymore? Yeah it got so rusted it broke.
My jeep liberty was born in 2005 and has 88,000 miles on it. This is not typical for a jeep that age and less miles. 
Even the tow truck driver couldn't believe what he saw.
Anyhow I found out there is a recall on this so I'm feeling better about it now.
This could of been worse....like the whole bottom of my jeep falling out.....scary accidents.

Tomorrow is all about baseball so I wont be crafting or painting........and driving
Have a great weekend!