Getting Closer

 I'm driving myself crazy getting things done and ready for the Sowa. My sister and I set up the canopy on Sunday and made things to hang some items and hung our signs we made. We basically wanted to make sure we could set up the tent easily and see how much room we acutally have for our stuff.

Oh and happy belated Mothers day to all you mothers out there!

I'm almost complete with my sign. I'm excited to share it!

 I have to finish packaging my smaller items like my chevron tags, I'm keeping it to a few colors, hot pink and lime green and maybe gray if I have the time.

 I need to package the thumbtacks. I made bees, keys, birds, ones that say special note and hello.

I finish a few flour sack towels with ruffles and stamped images. This one is different chandeliers.I need to iron them again.

I started painting the telephone table yesterday and found this fabric from my local discount store along with the gray chevron fabric for my small apron I'm making for the show. I had to rush through and Its probably good because they have so many choices of nice home decor fabric.


I started this jelly cabinet today. It was made locally but my guy brought it home one day after he went to a yard-sale. He even bought me stamps!

 I'm trying to paint as many pieces as possible and not all will come for the first show but our next is three weeks after. Tomorrow I'm going to share a display I made.

 Now I need to get back to work before the kids come back from baseball.