Nautical Striped Nightstands

 Here are the nightstands I mention a long time ago. I worked hard on these guys but it was well worth the outcome.

 I wanted a nautical look for them and the knobs were the first thing I had to get me started on picking the colors.

  I painted the stripes in a cream white and navy blue and the rest if a olive green color. All the paints I used are opps paint. The stripes were covered with a antiquing glaze and then a metallic and white glaze to give them a bit of an aged and white wash look. I used the antiquing glaze on the drawer fronts also.
These were actually part of a vanity and when I got them they were already separate but I didn't realize that until I was repairing them and then I remember Carrie from Lovely Etc had made nightstands from a vanity herself. I didn't try covering up the area where you can see it was attached because these has a story to tell and I don't believe in fixing everything because they are old pieces.

 The before. Covered in a few coats of thick paint. I used orange stripper and removed all the paint. It was a long process but only in the difficult areas.

 I repaired all the drawers as they were completely falling apart. I also had to repair some of the top because it was peeling in the corners.

 I sanded down the tops to bare wood and stained them in dark walnut in Minwax. I used a rubbing polyurethane for the top and didn't coat the rest in anything.

 Painting the stripes was the easy part. I used scotch blue tape...measured the stripes using a ruler and a pencil.

The knobs are what make these nautical.

My sister Liz picked them up for me from Hobby Lobby.

 I will be sharing my nautical nightstands at these link parties here on my party page.