Quick Makeover For Our Living room

I gave our living room a quick makeover yesterday and today with a new large and fluffy zebra print rug and a very soft and down feather couch from Wesley Hill Furniture.

Whats missing? Our very large sectional...dark and uncomfortable.

This is how it was....the couch made the room small and dark.

I'm keeping my eyes out for two matching upholstered chairs...or I can reupholster and have them on the opposite of the couch, but make then easy to move for watching TV.

 At Christmas time on the right side of our living room.

 I moved the table and chairs to the other side of the room. Now we can actually open the doors all the way. I'm not sure on what to put in that corner and I'm looking for tables for the corner by the couch and chair.

I also need to update the pillows with new covers.

The couch is my favorite place to sit now. Its super nice and I love that its herringbone design in the fabric....now that the trees have all there new leaves we dont have as much sun in here for good photography.

I'm off to go to the fabric store for covering my pillows.

Also in case you wondering about my fabric rug I made.....I'm going to reuse the fabric on something else.