At The Sowa Market

 On May 21st my sister Liz and I had our first show at the Sowa Open Market in Boston. Here is our set up. We changed things around often and took down the sides because it got hot out.

We went to home depot together and bought the same pine boards to make our signs.

We both used Minwax's gray stain and to transfer my image and the lettering I used graphite paper. Then hand painted my logo and name.

Remember my gray and white server? Its still for sale. I need to get another knob for it thought because one of them broke while moving it. To the left is a large chalkboard I made from a cabinet door. I added one of my rose clay knobs instead of filling the hole.

The cake stand and the mugs are my sisters. I painted the mug stand for her to display them.

My sister came up with the towel holder by adding dowels and rope and hung to the canopy frame. Under that is my fresh flowers sign and my nautical striped nightstands.

Here are my flour sack towels, and my sisters produce bags she made to the right.

Here is the crate on legs holding the paper pinwheels and my shutter display.

I had this shutter laying around the house and new it would be perfect to hang my smaller items. I used cup and L hooks for hanging.

Opposite side of the telephone table I had my shabby chic blue table. My sister placed her pottery on top and on the bottom shelf.

The telephone table and chalkboard tags...they were my top seller.

Here is my sisters beautiful and fun pottery on her IKEA shelf. You can see my stenciled blue table to the left where our business cards sat on my holder I up-cycled.

Here are her cute brooches she makes. They have a very strong magnets to attach to each other so she displayed them on this magnetic board she painted with chalkboard paint.

So now this upcoming Sunday is our next show. I'm not stressing out like I did for the first one. Its going to be more fun now and I'm making more towels, some pillows and more of my clay thumbtacks because they were also a huge hit. I'm bring a few new furniture I've painted and working on now. I'm very excited for this next show.


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