Living It Up: Outside

 I just love this time of the year. Yesterday was a cool day and yet today will be hot and muggy. I was able to get more items up on my Etsy shop, went shopping, watch a talent show at the school and drew up some designs for my blog and what not yesterday. Today I'm going to enjoy the 3 hours with out the kids.

I'm going to pick up two paint samples to test on the bedroom wall. I'm ready to paint but today and Thursday are going to be very hot days and very humid so it wont be a smart idea to paint.

We made plans for Thursday to take the kids to the beach, this is a less busy day to go and I can't wait. So I'll be packing for that tomorrow as well.

Anyway I was also thinking about our porch. I want to make a bed or look for a iron day bed to have some extra comfy seating. It could use a new rug to.

I looked around on Pinterest for bed ideas and found a few awesome ones and some other great outdoor inspiration.

This looks cozy and calm but I'm not sure about  a hanging bed with four boys and a dog. 

I would love to have a screened porch.

I like this built in seating area. Especially the fabric.

I really love this pallet couch idea. I even had the long pallets that would of been perfect until someone used it to put there dirt bikes on.

This is what I want to do. Use an iron day bed and add lots of pretty comfy pillows.

Maybe make a pretty candle chandelier

Love this dining setting

I like the table cloths on this one

This is a fun colorful outdoor space

And I could defiantly use something like this

What kind of outdoor setting would you like?