The Perfect Gray

 Is not something I can easily find. I usually always never have trouble with choosing paint colors but for our master bedroom I'm struggling. I know I'm looking for a light shade of gray....we get no natural sunlight during the spring and summer months.

Here are a few fantastic bedrooms with the shades of gray I'm looking for.

I like this gray but It would probably be to dark for our room. I also love that chandelier.

To me this looks like a off white but I really like this color anyway and the bed.

Another great shade of gray and love the added pops of yellow. This is what I'm going for but a little more lighter gray. 

 This is a more beige gray which has more yellow tones and I'm defiantly going to stay away from yellow tones. I do love this room.

 I just love these upholstered beds.

This room is painted in Titanium by Benjamin Moore. Its a nice light shade of gray.

 This stunning room by Censational Girl

This is not a bedroom but the paint color is Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore, another color I was thinking of using. 

 This is another color I like, Gray Owl by BM

I also really like this shade of gray and its Nimbus Cloud by Martha Stewart and this beautiful room is done by Crazy Wonderful

 I have a few more rooms that I didn't share on his post but you can find them on my Pinterest board here.

Do you have a favorite shade of gray you like or have used?

I'm hoping to start priming the walls tomorrow, today I just need to take off some light fixtures, my headboard and start filling holes. I can't wait to start this project!