Tutorial: Patriotic Vintage Inspired Bunting

This bunting is simple and vintage style.

With embroidery detail that anyone can do.

Perfect for a 4th of July party

To make this you need

1. simple light weight fabric. Iron so there are no wrinkles.
I used a linen like fabric with weaving in it.
2. pinking shears and fabric scissors

3. sewing machine or glue if you dont want to sew

4. ribbon

5.embroidery thread & needle

6. stamp or stencil for star or any image you want

7. fabric permanent ink or paint

Step 1

cut your fabric into long wide strips, I used my pinking shears so the fabric wont fray on the sides. I cut my strips about 16 inches long and 6 1/2 inches wide. I purposely made each one different.

Step 2

Fold the strips in half and iron them. The fabric I used wrinkled easily so I had to iron the pieces again. 

Step 3

Get you ink or paint ready to stamp the image on or you can stencil a image. I used this country start stamp.

Stamp firmly but doesn't need to be perfect. 

If you want to wash this bunting or waterproof it then you'll want a ink or paint that is machine washable. The Ink I use is fabric permanent after ironing over the image.

Step 4

I wanted the bottom to fray. Just pull away layers of fabric to get a nice fray edging. You can of course skip this if you dont want that look. 

Step 5

Iron over image if you need to, or if your fabric is wrinkled again.

Step 6

Get your ribbon ready, measure for length for how many flags you have and extra for tying and hanging. 

place the ribbon on the inside of the flags

pin to hold in place

Then sew.

You can also use hot glue or fabric glue instead of sewing, but if you want it to last and be weathered proof I suggest sewing.

Step 7

For added detail I used a red embroidery thread to go over the inside detail of the star.

Having the flag folded over the ribbon hides the stitches from the backside of the bunting. I only used basic hand sewing skills for this step.

After sewing the embroidery detail you have a finished vintage inspired bunting!

I iron this bunting before photos and it wrinkled up while hanging it. 

I want to hang mine outside on the porch but it needs to be pressured wash first.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and I would love for you to share your finished bunting with me!


p.s I will be sharing this at some great link parties, find out which ones here