Tutorial: Pinwheels

 Today's Tutorial Is


 What You Need

  1. double sided paper or glue two pieces together using spray glue. Cut in 4 by 4 or 6 by 6 squares depending on the size you want for the finish pinwheel you can go smaller or larger.
     2. paper cutter & scissors
     3. paper scorer
     4. dowels, soaked in water at one end. I used tiny dowels I'm not sure what the size was but you need to  be able to stick a pin through part of it.
    5. map pins
    6. small beads but big enough for map pin to go through bead.
    7. hot glue is necessary

Step one

 I couldn't find double sided paper I liked so I sprayed glued two sheets together and let them dry overnight before cutting
 cut you paper to size
I cut mine 6 by 6

Step Two

 Now you need to fold each square of paper diagonal from corner to corner. Unfold and fold the other corners together.
 Using the scorer helps a lot

Step Three

Now you have to cut each corner down to about 1/2 inch towards the middle

Step Four

Take a map pin and pin through the top of one corner then go through the the paper, then the next corner ( making sure to not pick the corners next to each other ) when you pinned through all four pin through the middle of your square. 

 This is what it should look like.

Last Step: Adding The Dowel

Now I don't have photos for how I attached it to the dowel but its very simple

I bought 3 foot long dowels and cut them into 3 pieces

You let one end soak in water so it doesn't split when you push the pin through.

What I did what placed a small bead at the end of the pin after its through the paper, then I push the pin 

through the end of the dowel and pull it out again, creating the hole.

I then add a bit of hot glue to the hole and push the pin back through the dowel again.

Having the bead helps it spin and the glue keeps it from coming of the dowel.

I've seen others use pencils for making the pinwheels and I think that's a creative idea for a party favor

I placed my pinwheels in little pots to make them more decorative since they can't stay outside. 

 You can also buy waterproof paper.

 I think these make a cute decoration for a shelf in a child's room or on tables for a party.

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