A Bicycle and Me + You Art

 I've been creating some art for the master bedroom because money is tight. I picked up 2 packs of 2 canvas at A.C Moores one day for under $3.99 a pack. 

For the bicycle I painted the canvas in Gray Owl by BM ( using a cheap sample size I had ) then I painted the stripes with Nimbus Cloud sample by Martha Stewart. 

 For the bicycle I printed the image off the computer and found the graphic from The Graphics Fairy. You can find that same image here.

To transfer the image I used the mod podge technique that I did for my step stool I sold at the Sowa.

After you print the image you want to cut the complete shape out trying not to leave as much white from the paper. This was a bit difficult for the wheels. Thanks to Susan from Homeroad who mention her method here.
Then you want to apply the mod podge over the front of the whole image and then flip it over to were your transferring the image. Let sit overnight and then you apply water and rub the paper off gently. You can use a sponge to help.
Sometimes you might rib a bit of the image off, I did on the handlebars.
I also ran out of ink so the image came out more blue so I outline the image with gray paint using my tiny artist brushes. I didn't put a clear coat on this because its going up on the wall in our room. But you can use spray sealer or mod podge to protect it.

Did you know I love bikes?

This is the You + Me I painted. I found the inspiration from Bubby and Bean on Etsy. I want to buy the actual print soon, but for now I'll use this.

For this I painted the whole canvas in Nimbus Cloud then used a Martha Stewart craft paint for the yellow. I believe its canary. I didn't have stencils for the size I wanted so I drew out the letters and painted them.

I just love my chevron curtains and can't wait to finish tidy up that area for photos! 

I also have finished that nightstand for my guy. That is whats under my art in these photos. I'll share that soon also.

Have a great weekend! 

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