Hand Drawn & Graphic Designed Cards

 I've mention before that I love to draw, I have since I was a little kid. 

Seeing all the fun graphic buntings online I decided to draw my own on paper. 

This is the finished card, one of them. I actually have a hard time printing on card sized paper so I printed on 8 x 10 and cut it to size. 

I drew the bunting and the decorated table on paper with a pencil, then I outlined that with artist pens. 

I scanned my images and use Photoshop Elements 10 to fill in the color. 

I also use it for the font. 

The color is a little bit more bright in person.

 This one I drew the bunting like the other one and the same with the crib.

All the originals are kept uncolored so I can easily change my colors or cards.

Now all I need to do is print out a card when some one has a birthday or a new baby....

Its much more fun when you can make your own card.

 Yesterday I went with a friend to the discount fabric store but couldn't find anything for our upholstered bed. I have a few designs I like from Fabric.com, that will be another post soon.

 Now I'm going to finish painting the master bedroom today. I'm loving the color already!

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