His & Mine

This was given to me by a family member so I decided it would be best to keep it in the family. Not that its anything special but I also thought it would be a good piece for my man. He needs a drawer and the shelf gives him more space for his things. 

Here is the before

the blue was more brighter in person. 
The drawer also had a large glow and the dark star and that left a lot of sticky stuff so I applied goo gone and let it sit overnight. 

I probably should of took photos int he kitchen like I normally do but there was some sun coming through so I thought they'd be ok....I wanted to show what it would like against the new curtains and wall color. 

These are some fabric flowers I made a while back with the smaller practice pinwheels.

This is the side, I painted the legs the same color as the top that color is Del Mar Blue by BM...this is the same color as my shabby blue table and the telephone table I did for a client.

The base color is Gray Owl by BM. I already had the pint sized sample left from my wall choices. 

I wanted the nightstand to have a bit of color but to be light as well.

I also wanted this to be taller so it would match the height of my bed side table so I added these casters I had to give it a lift.

I shared my canvas art the other day here

The dents and the crack in the leg dont bother me one bit. I'm not sure why there are dots around the knob. 

I used the "pull" knob because it was really the only non chic knob I had and it was an extra along with the others I'm saving for a piece. 

here is a peak of the table I'm using next to my side of the bed. 

I'm trying to find a basket to fit on the shelf of this table before I share it. 

I also have the finished mirror to take photos off and the curtains. 

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