Master Bedroom Window Decor

 Friday I spent my day finishing hanging up the curtain rod and making the curtains. A week before I sanded and spray painted the rod in Ivory.

Did I mention I redid my fabric blinds? They were stripes in blues and green but I took the fabric off and used a light linen fabric in a off white.  You can see a bit of them before here.

 I love diy no sew fabric shades using those cheep plastic blinds, its very easy to do and I first saw the tutorial here at Little Green Notebook. The first ones I made were for our bedroom, then the bathroom and the kitchen.

 Back to the curtain rod. I wanted to keep everything by the window light and this rod cost me $7 on clearance thanks to Target so I just gave it a few good coats of spray paint. I sanded it first of course. I also painted the brackets.

 The finales on the end were hideous so I swapped them with these large vintage glass knobs. I just used hot glue on end of the screw. These are double sides screws so I can easily take off the knob if I need to.

I also bought curtain rings from Ikea for $3.99 in white to make it much easier to open the curtains.
 via Target
 This is what the rod looked like before painting it.

Now I'm just doing a few things and awaiting on some sunlight to get pictures of the finished curtains. One is putting the trim back above the door.