This weekend my family and I spent time together down in Connecticut.

We were in the Brookfeild area and you could see Candlewood lake from the house. It was about a 2 hour and 40 min drive from our home.

We spent Saturday boating on a pontoon boat. We also did some swimming off the boat, tubing, water skiing and had lunch at a restaurant off the lake.

Here are the kids enjoying the ride.

We stopped first on a tiny beach for a quick swim.

The kids had a blast tubing, my guy enjoyed it for a only a few minutes.

we saw some nice homes on the lake

We had a fun filled day with beautiful weather. We had a cookout and sangrias later and spent the night all in a small house but it was still fun. Sunday we went to a indoor flea market were I saw some pretty furniture and a cool globe but didn't buy anything. We came home by 2pm.

Now that I'm home I'm working on orders and sewing a new bed-skirt for our room. Hopefully getting some painting done. I'm going to post some photos of my chevron curtains and the curtain rod I painted.