Back To The Mudroom

I have to admit that I forgot about our mudroom after I put my metal cage light fixtures in I just never got around to painting the room either. 

So now that the kids are getting ready to get back to school I think I should start getting is cleaned out and paint the walls. 

Dutch Boy was so kind to send me paint to do a review so I chose a gray. Stonewall Jackson. Its a gray that is darker then the color I chose for our master bedroom. You can see the color here

 I also need a larger cork board, this one here I covered in burlap. I could also do two separate ones as I need one for my work and inspirational photos.

I;m debating on repainting the computer area, the desk top and the keyboard holder needs it the most.

I want to paint the inside of the pantry/shoe dresser. 

This is a much older photo of the space, I've painted the door and there isn't a ugly rug on the floor anymore. This is just to show you what I'm working with.

This is where the kids put there hats,coats and backpacks and other items that dont belong. 
I want to do something fun yet durable for the wall here. I might even paint the wood flooring on the bench.

 picture and product via Anthropologie

I would love to have some fun interesting coat hooks, but these are a little to expensive for me so I'll be searching around first.

 I will add this project in with my long list of to dos. 

Have a great night