Beach Vacation

 I have to admit its been hard getting back to work since we came home from our beach vacation. 

I now need to get things done for our next Sowa show and finish things for our master bedroom. I also will be getting the mudroom ready to be painted as I received my Dutch Boy paint while I was away for a review. I picked a lovely darker shade of gray. More on that another time.

I also have been looking to buy a new used bigger car, shopping for new clothes and school supplies for the kids as they go back in 2 week and focusing on cleaning the house and yard for a big yard-sale Labor Day weekend.

So I defiantly have a lot on my plate and I'm going to try to get post some furniture and our room but I might be slacking on the blog for a while until the kids are back in school.

I wanted to share some photos from our trip.

The first one is a view from our campsite and the kids tent.

I have to say we picked a good site. I made our reservations last February. Although you can't see the Merrimack river that's hiding behind the grass, its about few steps away.

This is the only part you can bring your dog all day. Not a great place to swim, especially for the kids. You can't use a leash on them. But its still nice and was perfect for our Zoe to get wet. 

This river flows in the ocean so it can be very dangerous.

I took these photos with my sister who is a photographer. I'm sure hers came out much better. 

We spent most of our days at the beach with the kids. This is Salisbury Beach. 

Building sandcastles 

Or big holes. 

And getting buried.

We had one night that it rain. We stayed in the camper and it was actually fun.

We also took the kids to Water Country which is a water park in New Hampshire and the kids went of a boat fishing trip with dad.

We had a great time and now I just need to get back to my normal routine.