Vintage Finds

 Although I've been very busy these past few weeks I did make some time to stop at a few yard-sales. 

I purchased this vintage egg weight for $5.00, which is a good price because I've seen them on Ebay selling around $25.  I also just love metal kitchen tools and the colors on this.

I also found this vintage mat cutter

It even comes with a original blade. 

 Yesterday the kids started school again, and it went well. I had to run around and get my car all set with registration and what not so I didn't get much done. Today I did get photos of the mudroom with the new paint on the walls. I still want to redecorate but I will be sharing the whole mudroom this upcoming week and will show anything new done to it later on. 

Here is a peak 

 This was the night before school and taken with my cell phone. I can't wait to share the rest. 

My link party will be up later tonight! Hope you will join.