Vintage Knobs

 I just realized I don't have a photo of the whole desk. Its also cluttered with craft items anyway for photographs.

My guy found bags of vintage glass knobs and I had a variety of small, medium, large and pulls. I used two large ones for my curtain finials for the master bedroom curtain rod. I wanted to use the pulls for the desk in our room but they didn't fit and I couldn't add new holes so I just used a mix of small and medium knobs.

 I couldn't get the best photos...I'm thinking of a new camera soon. I put the smaller knobs on top and the medium on the bottom.

The are the pulls that were on the desk, they are not the original and I can't seem to find the original pulls. This desk was given to me by my mom and I'm not sure if I'll ever paint it or not, its by Bombay so its not worth much.

I just love how glass knobs make my desk much prettier!

My next project is wall shelves. I already have brackets that I found and bought so now I need some pine boards that I'd like to stain and have above this desk. I need the storage and I like the look of open shelves I'm not sure if I should do two or three yet. 

The good news is today we bought my new used car. After weeks of looking I found something that is what I wanted and affordable....also a bit luxurious with its options inside. I really wanted a few things, climate control, heated seats, leather seats, sun roof and the radio controls on the steering wheel. Plus it has 3rd row seating with is a must with four boys and a dog.

Now I can focus on the Sowa show, the master bedroom and the mudroom.


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