A Cake Stand & A Few Other Small Stuff

I just love this wood cake stand...especially after painting it with Benjamin Moore  Delmar Blue.

I distressed it to show a bit of wood and white. I used Daddy Van's natural beeswax to protect the paint.

Now it just needs a glass top to finish it off.

The befpre
{fyi its not crooked just my picture taking}

This is my next favorite mini redo, not sure what it was used for. Its old and cute. I'm taking it with me to sell but if it doesn't it will go in my room.

The original knobs didn't work out so I painted some small wood knobs to fit.

That back was open so the drawers would fall out. I attached this with staples to hold them in place.

The before

I painted this small shelf for displaying some items at the shows. I painted it in a dark gray. It does look a bit more green in the photo.

I was thinking about painting it a more fun color.

the before

My mother gave me this 2 tier tray. It was perfect to hold my clay tags for the show. 

My most popular tag was the "Keep Calm and Carry On" I just finish making some more yesterday. 

Last...I added circle shape to my chalkboard tags....these are my most popular item at the shows. I'll be selling these on my etsy soon along with some new clay tags.

Tomorrow I have some embroidery hoop art to share and of course Simply Creation's Link Party. 

I re-designed my blog button  yesterday and wanted to share it with you. I also changed my link party and feature button...you can see them on the right side of this page you just need to scroll down a bit. 

 And lastly if you don' already no and haven't entered I have a giveaway going on for a $75 gift card to Shabby Apple! You can enter HERE or click on the picture to the top right of my blog. 

Have a great night!