The Details - Mudroom

 Yesterday I shared the freshly painted mudroom and wanted to show more photos but didn't want it to be to long so tonight I'm sharing the rest of what I want to do with the room.

 This is the built in bench which has wood flooring on the seat. I had these brown cushions on it but decided I like it better without them. I think a few pillows is all it needs and keep it simple and hopefully clutter free.

The upper cabinets were from a vet and we got them for free because they were putting new ones in. Although they are laminate they are very helpful. I would like to put some trim on the very top to make them look more built in.

 I also painted the bead-board and trim around the bench twice already but it doesn't seem to hold up.

The other thing I'd like to do is add a horizontal wood wall under the cabinets. I need something rugged. I'm thinking a barn wood look and then I'd paint the wood on the seat or white wash so it matches.

I just painted it for now until I can do the wood wall. 

 The floor needs to stay the same for now. I did pick up this gray and white double-sided machine washable rug at Ocean State Job Lot for $8.00 a while back to hide it a bit.

You can also see that I didn't paint that area by the door, that's because it had a huge hole in it and I fixed it a while back but it still needs a bit of more filler. It could use trim also. 

This is the Ikea shoe organizer i bought about a year ago, its not actually holding shoes. The kids each have a drawer to place important books and papers inside. I bought a IKEA dresser to hold the shoes,you can see that here.

It's defiantly clutter but it holds a house phone, electric pencil sharpener, metal tins to hold random items, coasters I made, a bowl of screws and a toy battery cover then I have my exit sign.

I have some space for the mail sorter which also holds my sunglasses and a place to put my cell phone. 

I hung this metal organizer to hold the kids backpack papers and important notices that can't fit on the bulletin board.

A year ago I made over this bulletin board which you find that post here.

This holds the very important school info and then a few of my inspirational photos and my clay thumbtacks.

I recently updated the light fixtures in here using metal baskets to make my own cage lights, you can see that here

I'm still working on my computer area which now has a new chair and re-painting the keyboard drawer and desk-top. I'm going to take out the little bit of carpet in that area as well. Besides the other work that needs done I'm looking for unique coat hooks, adding a bamboo shade to the window and adding some art to the walls by the computer.  

 So stay tuned for next mudroom updates, I will share as I finish or add new decor.

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