DIY Deer Silhouette Art

Lately I've been loving deer silhouettes or the more pricey paper mâché sculptures ( which I still want one ). Since I'm still in the process of our master bedroom makeover I finally started to find art to add to the walls.

I order two prints that are coming in a week or I'm excited for those and need to get frames for the 11 x 17 prints...if anyone knows a great place for cheaper frames let me know.  

But I always enjoy making art myself  

 I had picked up three of these RIBBA Frames in the as is section for $4 each at Ikea. I couldn't find anything I liked that would fit them in the mat area so I decided to do it myself. 

I could only take photos from this side so there wouldn't be any glare

I found the free deer silhouette on this website here at Man Made DIY
Along with some other great graphics. 

On my photo shop I created the exact same size for the inside of my frame and added this wood grain background image first that I already had on my computer and then I filled the deer in with a dark gray color using the paint tool. I moved the image over the wood grain and lined it up...and printed. 

I then placed the paper over this 12 by 12 sheet I found at the craft store. Its a image of burlap. 

I used photo mounting tape to tape the paper to the sheet and regular tape to mount to the mat.

 That was it. 

Now I have a deer silhouette art for our room. This cost me $4.25 plus tax.

 I only wish I had a printer that printed 12 by 12  paper. 

I have more ideas to use with this deer silhouette....thanks to ManMade!

Find the deer silhouette here

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