Project: Basement To Craft Room

Yes I'm starting a new project. This one will take time but when its finish I will be one happy gal. 

I'm going to turn our storage space in our basement into my craft/work room. This is much needed as I have 

taken over the entire house ( almost ) with my crafts,sewing and everything else. I'm not sure why we did 

not  think about this sooner. 

I've been drawing up plans, writing down ideas and already started to go through our storage. This is mainly

decor, Christmas decorations, old toys and tons of boxes full of I dont know why.

I already picked up some bins to start sorting the items I can't live with out and started placing items to sell 

at a yard sale in bags. I really can't do to much until we get a dumpster but when we do here are my plans.

  1. Clean everything out of the space.
  2. Put up new drywall
  3. Paint the floor with a concrete moisture sealer paint
  4. Paint the walls
  5. Add more lighting 
  6. Add curtain wire and curtains to cover open doorway.
The rest will be all decorating and storage solutions. 

I found this online home design through a magazine to make 2d and 2d plans.

Here is the design in 3d. Now the colors and the furniture options of limited so this is more for the ideas that I have. I will be using the dining room table I have now and we have a nice shelving/drawer unit that I will be using for storing my crafts. I will also have a packing/gift wrapping area. I will be using what I have not buying little for the space. I'm thinking dressers and making wall shelves using whatever wood boards I have sitting around.

The area with all the bookshelves will be the storage area. This will hold the bins and other items. My plans are to use curtain wire or rods to hang fun curtains to hide the storage. 

I want this to be a great work space with lots of lighting since there are no windows in this space. Through that wide door opening its another storage room holding my unpainted furniture, there are windows in there so I will be hanging up sheer curtains only to let the light in.

The floor plan

1. This is the doorway from the stairs. Along these walls with be my storage, shelves and whatever else I plan on using.
2. My table will be in the middle of the room with plenty of lights above.
3. This is the storage for bins section
4. I'm not sure what else will go over here but I'm thinking more storage.

I would like lots of rugs since I will not be putting in flooring. This is why I'd like to paint the concrete using Drylok...they have a few colors to choose from.

I can't wait to get the dumpster here to start cleaning it out! 

I also look forward to sharing this makeover with all of you. 

Here is an embarrassing photo of the space now.