A Crafty Tutorial - Pom Pom Trees

Pom Pom Trees

 I knew I wanted to create my own little trees but different then my last years Paper Trees. You know those styrofoam cones at the craft store? They are pricey so I made these trees out of a few materials and they don't cost much money.

These are basically like making pom pom flowers. 

 Materials needed

1. Yarn - I prefer it thicker 
2. wooden spools or anything for a base, you can even drill for a hole
( I had a bag of these on had )
3. skewers
4.scissors of course
5. Glue gun and glue sticks

Now lets make some trees! 

1. Start with your yarn and cut a piece off, about 9-12 inches
2. Place it between your finger like shown
( this helps with tying in number 4 )
3. For a medium sized pom pom I use two fingers, you wrap the yarn around and around until you like the fullness....I thicker the fluffier. 
4. When you are done wrapping it around your finger cut the yarn and take the sting you kept in btween your finger and tie around like in the photo...I  tie it a few times to make sure its tight.

To  make a larger pom pom use three fingers and if you use one you can make a tiny one but its a little tough to tie.

cutting time

1.Now you get your scissors out and cut around the pom pom...being careful not to cut the string you use to tie. You just cut around the edge.
2. This is how it should look....

Now to put it together
Get you glue gun ready
I pre- painted my spools and added glitter to the bottom
 1. Get your spool or whatever you want to use as your base and skewer out
2. Add lots of hot glue inside the spool and add and center the skewer...hole it in place until it dries.
3. Add some glue to the top of the spool and around the skewer...push the largest pom pom through and down on top of the spool.
4. Do this to the rest, I used 3 or pom poms depending on the size of tree I wanted. Its easier to get your pom pom on the skewer first then add the glue...this way you can just slide it down on top of the glue.
5. Trim the edges to create more of a tree look. If you trim the tips it helps create more fuzzy yarn.
6. Trim of your top...add a tiny pom pom if you want or maybe a paper star.

Now you shall have a pom pom yarn tree

I added some red and white bakers twine around one of the trees for a garland

 They look great next to my brass owls

and against the white and blue

 As of now this is the only Christmas decoration in the house....which is early for me.

 and here is my pudgy owl. 

I hope you enjoyed my affordable and pretty easy pom pom tree tutorial 

I will be sure to have more Holiday tutorials coming

I will be sharing this tutorial at the link parties listed on my party page here