A Jelly Cabinet & A Chicken Wire Door

 I would of love to have taken photos before bringing into my space to sell but I didn't have enough time. So these photos are the best I could do. 

This is a jelly cabinet that was actually made locally by me. My guy picked it up at a yard-sale. 

Here is the before

I almost forgot to take a photo, this is after I finished sanding it, it was only coated with a light sealer. 

It just took me forever to finish it because I ended up re-painting it a different color. 

I firs painted it with a thin layer of red and then white on top but I didn't like the outcome. So I painted it this dark gray and sanded it to show through to the red around the edges. I kept the inside red. 

With the shelf white. 

I  stained the top in Minwax but can't remember which stain....that's how long its been.

I used a old glas knob. I tried a few different knobs but this one fit it best. 

Here is the inside. The shelf can be moved around easily. 

Now for the door.....the wood was just a thin material inside the frame so I took my jigsaw my awesome guy bought me for a early birthday gift and cut inside around the frame. I used chicken wire and stapled in with my also very awesome porter cable pneumatic staple gun...by the way you will never go back to an electric one after using one of these. 

I just love how it turned out...I almost kept it for myself......this would be great in the kitchen or even in a bathroom storing towels. 

I will be sharing this at some awes