Christmas Around The House & The New Floors

Since the new year is creeping up I've decided to share my the last bit of pre-Christmas today and tomorrow I'm going to share my top projects of 2012. 

See my Christmas dining room here

Did I mention my guy finished the putting in the new floors through out the house? 

 Here it is in the living room and hall. We had to move furniture around to make sure the whole family would fit in here on Christmas morning. 

Going towards the dining room. If we had enough left we would of done the dining room. 
That's our next floor project.

Here is a shot from the living room. 
I'm hoping to find a piece this winter to hide the family computer. 

 Here is a before the new floors...and new couch also.

Here is the tree with all the family presants

I mostly used the red and white chevron wrapping paper...I also used a newspaper print, wood grain and the blue paper for larger gifts. I made simple tags with stamps and used my chalkboard tags as well.

The older boys received tablets from Santa.

They were very happy. 

I decorated the hall table with bright fun colors. I also use this area to hold gifts for whom doesn't come to the party.

I stained this shutter and used mini clothes pins to hold Christmas cards.

Here is our family card I made from 

I decorated the new kitchen table with my paper trees.

and last the island with food and plates ready for more food. 

I will be sharing my house at some link here to see which ones