Furniture Revamp- A Bench for The Living Room

 I painted this solid wood American made bench in my own chalk paint.
Using paint I had on hand and mixed the colors to make it a lighter gray and added Plaster of Paris to make the chalk paint. I had much better luck this time then I did the first. 

Using a fork to stir helped a lot also....another good trick for making milk paint.

Do you see my lovely new floor? Yes that's the barn-wood floor in our living room!

This was stained in a very dark color before I painted I knew I would distress it to show that color through.....and all the beat up areas. 

The chalk paint I made worked very well....It coated nicely in one coat but I did two anyway. It was also easy to distress.

It could be used for a coffee table....or it was meant to be one? Its heavy duty so I'm using it as a bench. 

So again....I forgot to get the before photo.....I really need to leave a camera in my work space. 
This is after the first coat. I didn't prime it.....but it also didn't have a finish on it so I only needed to sand it prior. Normally I prime anything that has a shiny finish on it.....even when using a chalk paint mix.

Now the bench has a place in front of the fireplace....this is something I've been looking for a while now. I'd show you a photo of it in front of it but its holding all the tools from installing the floor. We still have to put the rest of the floor in the hall. 

I can't wait to share more photos of the living room. Maybe tomorrow.

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