Its Starting To feel Like Christmas

Not because its snowing outside today or that we have begun the removal of our rugs in the living room.....did I mention that? We are putting in hardwood floors in the main part of the house. Yes this is a happy day for me. The floor is beat up wide barn wood flooring...and it really did come from a barn. Its not super old but its lovely and were recycling it. I can not wait to share when we are done. So far we only did the living room part....we will finish the rest before Christmas.

On the other note I moved my space Wednesday at Crompton Collective, into a bigger space that you will see when you walk through the main door.

Thank goodness to Amy who runs the shop at Crompton...she took better photos then I could.

I added more Christmas decor....including some hand painted signs, ornaments, tags and a painted frame of pinwheels or I like to call them paper fan art.

My guy built a pegboard display to hold my package goods. 

I sold my be merry clay bunting so I made another one, made some fun bicycle wood ornaments and foxes with glitter on the back. That little red sled is painted with Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint.

This is the dresser I finished two weeks ago. I should of taken photos of it at home first but didn't have the time. That crate is also painted with mms milk paint.

Here is my metal tree filled with all of my ornaments.

Now to some of my photos I took

Holiday wood & paper tags, holiday cards and my clay thumbtacks 

round ornaments or they can be used as tags also reusable.

Here is the dresser...
This dresser took a lot of work to get it to look this way....I painted the inside the drawers also the same light green color as the trim. I only wish I had better photos.
Here are my chevron painted knobs.

and here is a before photo of the dresser

Now I'm off to work on a fun project for the living room wall.

I will be sharing my space and dresser at some link here to see which ones