My Christmas Mantel & Chicken Wire Yarn Trees

My Christmas decorating this year is woodland, natural,shiny silver and a few areas with  colors for the kids.

This year we went and picked out tree out and cut it down ourselves on a farm. It was defiantly worth it and I walked around grabbing the leftover greens from people cutting them of there tree.  So I used that on the mantel instead of buying roping or greens. I still have more and I'll be using it on the dining room table and through-out the house.

I added white lights on top of the greens and around my decorations. Those are the only thing I bought this year for decorating. 

The deer was free and the bird I spray painted in white. 

I made the whimsical sign using a pine board I had already. I used Photoshop and for my font and printed it out on regular paper. The I placed it on the wood and traced it with a pen. This basically engraves it into the wood. I painted it with a blue craft paint and used this tinsel blue glitter from Martha Stewart that I bought on clearance last year.

As for my chicken wire and yarn trees. I formed the wire into tree shapes and trim of excess or sharp areas and wrapped yarn around and around until I was satisfied. I tied the yarn to the top and bottom instead of using glue. I also hung mini ornaments on a few of them.

These stockings I whipped together last minute last year using fleece material and faux bois ribbon. I couldn't find the kids stockings so I made them. I know could of made them nicer but I was running out of time.

Here is what it looks like with the lights on. I put some through one of the trees. 

and the be merry was made from those clipboard letters from the craft store.

and the large tree we picked. We were not prepared for this large of one, we didn't have enough lights and enough of my vintage fruit garland.

I'll be sharing more of my tree and Christmas decor in another post....

I will be sharing my Christmas mantel at some link here to see which ones