My Hand-Made Felt Stag Head

 I have to say this is my best crafty project of the year.....and although I thought about how to make one a while ago I'm happy he's finished and up on the wall. Which will be his home for a while because I'm very fawned of him.


 I used very little amount of felt ( felt by the yard ), needlepoint thread ( my mother gave me a box of it ), stuffing, wire, nail head trim and the painted cabinet door that I had already painted and it was collecting dust in my studio.

I drew up my own template on cardstock with a pencil. This way I can make another one.

I hand stitched everything. It might of taken more time but its much easier to control and I used white thread on the gray felt and gray thread on the white. This project didn't take long to do it just took me longer because It was my when I have the time kind of project.

I went for a more silhouette look...this is why I didn't give him eyes or a nose.
I love that I used gray and white felt. The felt by the yard was also on sale after Thanksgiving for $2.50 a yard.

The kids love him also.

Our dog Zoe was a bit scared of him. 

I added a few new decorations to my server. I'm going with a woodland theme all through out the house.

Lots of trees

and whites & silver

The best part of all is how bad I wanted a cool stag head for my living room wall and not wanting to spend the money for one. Making my own means I'll appreciate him a lot more. Plus the only thing I had to buy was the felt.

I will be sharing my hand-made felt stag head at some link here to see the ones I attend