The Living Room & Barn Wood Floors

I now really enjoy our living room.....

Its not finished for Christmas decorating yet

I actually didn't get a full photo of the living room yet....the fireplace is holding all the tools...I will when we finish the rest of the floor in the hall and those tools get put away.

But look at the floors....they beautiful 

They are wide pin floors that were originally in a barn/store. My guys dad took apart the barn to move to his backyard and is using it for storage/garage. He didn't need the floor because hes pouring concrete. So we got it all. We have just enough to do the hall that leads to the entry,mudroom,dining room and kitchen. Eventually will replace the floor in the dining room and kitchen.

We are in the works of selling the square piano....I have a long short dresser I'm hoping to revamp for a TV/video games and etc solution.

Here is my server that I was going to sell.....but I haven't found anything to put in its place yet.

The floor boards are all different, there are scratches and cracks and each board is hand nailed in. I love that they are all different and I don't have to worry about the kids or dog ruining the floor since its already beat up. 

Now here are a few other things I changed 

We moved out some furniture so now I need to find two small chairs....this chair was the very first slipcover I did and this was used in our its hanging out in the living room....not my best slipcover either.

Here is the table and stools I redid about two years ago. I added the wicker storage ottoman recently.This is where the kids charge there video game consoles.

 here is the server area favorite area in the room

 I love decorating on typewriter & map of Boston are my favorite things in this room.

I'm looking for a few things for storage and seating but in no rush....I also can't wait to put the Christmas tree in....when we get it tomorrow and finishing the mantel....which is almost done.


 here is a before of the full living room
and the green carpet

another one

Now we just need to paint the walls....which will be after the holidays are over.

I will be sharing my living room at some link here to see which ones