Top Projects Of 2012

It's almost a new year! 

2012 went by so fast and it had to be my best crafty and business year. Technically I officially started Simple Home Life as a real business in May 2012. In October 2012 was my 2 year blog anniversary.
I did all those amazing shows with my sister and became a vender at an amazing store. Things are going great for me and my business.

Now to my top projects! 

starting from the the beginning of the year

shabby chic dresser I painted for my guy

diy cage lights in the mudroom

The telephone table I painted for a client 

and this is the blue table I haven't shared yet in a post. It's technicality already in my shop. I'll share more of this another day. 

I'm proud of all my projects of the year...everyone is different and fun. I have so many new pieces to work on this new year and can't wait to share those as well. 

Have a happy new year!