A Happy Table

I call this the happy table...because the blue color brightens up any room and I'm not sure if you consider it aqua or turquoise?

This table is solid wood with detail on the top, interesting cracks around the legs and the top and I love the unique detail in the front.

This table has many uses...like a desk or behind a couch and I think it would be great in a kitchen.  
I wish I had room for it in my kitchen.


unfinished...so perfect to work with.

You could store one or two ottomans underneath for extra seating...

I lightly distressed it...and waxed it in natural beeswax 

I actually coated this in a red milk paint and didn't like it, but I like how you can see bits of red where I sanded. 

The top

This table is now sitting in my shop space at Crompton...I brought it there two days after Christmas and my guy helped me rearranged my space.

Now I'm finishing up on a neat mid century piece perfect for a tv stand and more clay buntings. I also picked up a campaign style desk today. I have so much to get working on so I'm going to busy and will also be opening my etsy shop back up as soon as I get photos of new items to list. 

I will be sharing my happy table at some link parties...click here to see which ones