House Plans 2013

I'm almost ready to start my new year projects on the house. We already have new floors mainly throughout the house but we have many other projects to start working on. Of course I need to finish the ones I've been working on this past year. The craft room and the master bedroom. 

The new floors are amazing....but this year we need to paint the walls in the entry way and living room. 
The kids bedrooms need a new coat of a simple paint color to grow in. I also want to paint the half bathroom...again. But that's a quick project.

Dining Room
At some point we would like to rip out the carpet in the dining room and put in unfinished flooring to stain....I would love to do a light gray color. I also want to change up the curtains a bit and find new chairs or paint these ones. 

This is an older photo of the kitchen island but I've been wanting to repaint it in a gray tone...maybe add some bead-board for detail.

This kitchen cabinets need a new paint job as well. Using better quality paint. I want to replace the counter-top soon. Eventually we need to do the floor in here.

Craft Room
Here is a bad cell phone photo of the craft room in progress. I added those fun large ball lights to the ceiling hanging over the old table. I've already started working in here but I still need to paint and put the doors up on the shelving unit and do a few more things. I cant wait to finish this space. 

Living Room
Here is the living room in progress....the piano once used to hold the tv is now gone....finally. We hung the tv on the wall and brought this unique dresser in to store the electronics,movies and games. In the cabinet doors there are three drawers that will pull out and make shelves. I'm going to make a cord cover to hid the cords and we need to hide the antenna. I'm still re-arranging the living room I will share more another time.

Here is what it looked like before 

Master Bedroom
Here is a peek of the it looks like a craft store blew up in here. I'm in the process of moving everything down to the new craft room.

So with that those are the projects I'd like to get done before next year. I'm not going to go crazy and I'm sure new things will come up through out the year. I also have to keep painting furniture and working on items for my shop space and etsy.

I just picked up this new desk the other day along with some other goodies 
Its in okay condition but the finish need to be sanded off. I love the hardware. 

I also re-opened my shop with new valentines day items. 

What are some of the projects in your house that you want to work on this year?