Progress: Craft Room

I'm so close to completing the craft room in my basement.  Well its basically my home office/work place. 

It's taken some time but it's worth it. I needed to get out of the dining room and our bedroom and most of all have everything in one place.  

So far I've been using it to work already.  I still have boxes of crafty items to put away and things to hang.  I also need to paint a desk for my important paper work and maybe hang a chalkboard over it.

So here is what I've done so far

 I just finished hanging a few more things the other day before I started writing this post. I hung my lamp from Ikea that I found in the As Is section for $10. It even came with the bulb. I also found the brackets for a $1. You can see the shelf I made using those and a board I had on hand. I hung the wire shelf up and will be adding a gift wrap station under the shelf for my packaging paper.

Before light

I hung up Ikea Bygel rails,
my chalkboard wood organizer and my spice rack turned to ribbon holder.  

This is what the space looked like before adding the wood wall, the bar height table and the fabric.

Here it is with the bar height table added and the wood wall.

I bought the fabric at my local discount fabric store, its designer 54 inch and cost me $5.99 a yard.

I used thumbtacks to attach the fabric.

I painted the concrete walls in white to brighten it up. I also added the curtains to hide the storage side using wire from home depot. I plan to put a desk on the wall to the left for all my paper work for my business.

This is what the area looked like before paint and curtains.

Here is a blurry photo of my hutch and divider I painted. I will be sharing better photos and more info when I'm done with the room.

A before of the divider and hutch

I try to work in here as much as possible but Its only when I have that free time. I still have to pick up a few things for the more rugs. I decided to skip painting the floor right now and maybe down the road put in a flooring that's suitable for a basement.

For how its looking I'm pretty please. I'm especially happy with the deals and the diy ways to save money.

So stay tuned for the finished look and follow me on Facebook to see photos along the way
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