From Bed To Bench

Here is the bench finished! I mention this on my Facebook page with a photo of it being built and now its done. Actually its already in my booth at Crompton. 

My guy built this one day along with another one that I haven't began to prep yet.

He is so handy.

 I was rushing to take photos of this and the day was not sunny so please excuse the photos, in person this looks so much more incredible.

The fabric is my favorite, I just recently picked it up at my local discount fabric store for $2.99 a yard.

As for the paint color I mixed two grays to achieve this darker gray with a blue tone.

Its amazing what you can do with headboards and foot-boards 

 Here is a photo of the bench built but not painted. I really liked the wood tone but it was to beat up and I had to fill in a lot of areas. 

My guy and I enjoy doing teamwork, and we plan of building and up-cycling more together. He is going to be doing the Vintage Bazaar with me this year and we will be making benches like this along with other pieces to bring.

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

 I will be sharing the bench at many awesome link parties, you can see which ones