Make A Mini Paper Flag Bunting

 I love mini paper buntings...they are cute and fun to make.

You can also do pendant shape, circle or a mix of styles.

Materials Needed

  1. Paper 
  2. String, I used white cotton twine
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors 
  5. Paper cutter, not necessary but easier

 Please excuse my dark photos

I use a paper cutter which helps keep them all the same size, I cut the strips to be about a 1 inch and a half.
The paper pack I used was a small one and I was able to get 3 flags from one sheet.

I used a bone folder to crease the paper in half nicely and placed the sets in a order of light and dark designs. 

Then I took the string and started at the short end giving some extra string for tying and started gluing. I first add glue to the string in the crease then added glue around the edge inside the paper. I used hot glue since It dries fast.

 After gluing all the paper strips I then I cut out the triangle shape at the ends, pull of glue strings and trim the sides if needed. 

Then you have a paper flag bunting ready to hang for a party or use for decor! 

and you could make matching cupcake toppers!

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

I will be sharing my tutorial for the flag bunting at many awesome link parties, you can see which ones here.