Spring & Party Planning

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Spring is almost here!

 Today was a rainy day but it has melted most of the snow....becoming a muddy mess. I'm starting to look forward to spring. I love winter and snow, boots, winter coats and cozy sweaters and so on but now March is here and going by way to fast I'm very busier then ever.

Lets see...we have two birthday boys, Easter and baseball.

So I'm party planning....creating invites, writing down my to do list and ideas for the party. 

I think this year the family party will be green and gray. Since we have two birthdays we do one family party. Its much easier on us money wise and getting everyone together.

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I love how this green and gray look together. 

This also forces me to hurry up on some redecorating around the house.....I'm working on dining room...this room needs to be put together for the party at least. 

I just love this orange chair 

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Which has nothing to do with my dining room.

I'm almost done with the dresser and the bench I'm currently working on....just need to wax, add knobs, make a cushion for the bench and take photos of all my recent work. Then I will share as soon as I can. 

and before I go here is a spring baby shower theme that I actually really like or Easter colors

                                                                          Source: blog.hwtm.com via Jacqueline on Pinterest
The website has a ton of fun party ideas!

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