A Birthday for Two

We had a simple birthday party for two boys last Sunday.  Did I ever mention that two boys have a birthday in March and the other two in August?  So we end up combining for one large family and friends party. 

This is why I've been Mia in the past week. I had to clean and get ready for the party. The boys also started baseball so they have games and practices almost every night. 

Here are some photos from the party. 

The dining room was decorated for the big day. The theme colors were green and gray. I had the balloons and the paper buntings I made up a few days before. 

The kids ate before anyone showed up. I made goodie bags and used transformer stickers I printed. They were meant to be cupcake toppers but I adjusted them for the bags.

I made a deli platter for lunch and my family brought potato salad and fruit salad. The boys grandmother brought the red sox ice cream cake from dairy queen and I made cupcakes and the toppers I crafted from a free printable I googled. I will update on what blog I got them from soon.

I covered the table with kraft paper and place mini buckets fill with crayons for all the kids to draw on the table. I had to use two pieces to cover the the table and then I used double sided tape to keep it on. 

and here are our boys with the pinata, it kept falling off the tree so my guy ended up holding it up hes lucky they used a plastic bat. 

 and lastly these are the invites I created for the two boys. I made them on Photoshop and I used a stamp for the invite part. 

The kids had a great time and now were in the middle of April vacation. We already went out to eat, the movies and we have had baseball almost every night. 

I'm collecting cool vintage goods and furniture to paint for the Vintage Bazaar I'll be attending this June. I even made our hotel reservations. My guy is helping me this year and we will also get a mini two night vacation to ourselves. I'm very excited and I'll be sharing more info on it soon.

  photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg 

I'll be sharing my birthday party decor at some fabulous link parties, check them out here