Painted Rug 2: Tutorial

   I shared my painted rug the other day and today I will share how I painted it.

What I used

latex paint
fabric medium
detail brush and wide paint brush
cardboard to cut my shape out
a pencil
large metal ruler

 The rug I used cost me $39.99 a year ago and I bought it from Ikea....I dont think they have this one anymore but It was 100% cotton.

 I forgot to number the photos but from top left to right is how I started

Mix your paint and fabric medium following the directions

Cut your shape from the cardboard, trace it on the rug. I also used measuring tape to make sure I was exactly in the middle when I started tracing.

I used a detail brush to outline my triangle then filled in with the paint using a wide brush. It takes a lot of pant and work to paint larger rugs. 

I ended up with three rows of triangles. Then I measured my stripes using a long metal ruler and the pencil. I used a wide brush for painting the stripes. 

Then I completed the end with the triangles again.

My inspiration for this rug started with this one

I also wanted stripes so that why I chose to only keep the triangles at the end. But I'm very happy with how the rug turned out and I can't wait to keep working on the dining room.

I'm only working on the house and de-cluttering and getting it ready for the party Sunday today. 

Have a great day

  photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg 
 I'll be sharing my rug at some great link parties, check out my party page here