Easy Way To Achieve A Chippy Look On Furniture : A Tutorial


 Ever since my chippy blue dresser I painted I have had several emails on how I achieved the look. So I'm finally writing the tutorial.  

Please excuse some of my photos as I did this in my workshop before the new lighting was added...and if I don't make sense please feel free to email me with questions.

 First I'd like to say that I have only used this technique with Benjamin Moore and Behr paints. Mostly eggshell and my own chalk paint. 

I really love the chippy look on furniture and this is a really easy way to do it.

All you need is paint and wax and of course primer if needed, brushes, rags and sandpaper.

 This cabinet I chose to show you the technique on is more rough and bumpy compared to the ones I have done this on. It really works on any surface.

First Step:  {1} Prep your piece as you need to. I hand sanded this, cleaned and primed it. Then lightly sanded it again. 

I do think the primer really helps so when you sand it at the end only the first color shows.

{2} Then after a day of letting the primer sit and harden, paint your first color on. This is the color you want to show through when you distress it. 

I chose a light blue

I usually only do one thick coat.
 Then let this coat dry for a few days, I have been impatient before and did it later in the day but its better to give it a full day at least.
{3} Now you take you paste finishing wax and coat all over it or just where you want to distress. 
I like all over or just on the edges.
note: I have only used Minwax's paste finishing wax for this. I haven't tried it with anything else.
I basically apply thick amounts in some areas and thinner in others. 
{4} Now you let this dry. I leave it for overnight to harden.
Do not buff it!
Step 2: Paint on your top color. Paint right over the wax. I tend to do two coats but this cabinet I only did one.

Step 3: The next day whip out your sander!
 You dont want to let it sit for days but you dont want to sand it after 5 hours either. I like to wait at least 24 hours. This way it chips smoothly and not peeling. 
I use my electric sander mostly, my dremel for tighter areas and hand sandpaper.
 I like to use the electric sander on large areas and the sandpaper blocks on the edging. 
You want to take off the top layer not the second layer if you dont like the original color of the piece. So take your time and move slowly. 
Of course if there is just wood or even another layer of paint you want to show through then sand longer in that area.
You can also do this with just one color to get a nice chippy and wood look.

Step 4: Wax your piece when your done! Or whatever you use for protection.

Then you are done!

 These photos are a little hard to show you the chippy look up close.

So I'm going to show you some of the pieces I have done this with.
With links underneath to see the full post with more photos. 


 I'd like to thank my biggest sister who mention about this technique to me a few years back! Thanks Kim.

and before I end this tutorial here is the before of the cabinet
 I will share the complete finished look of this in a few weeks. 

  photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg 

 I will be sharing my Easy Way To Achieve A Chippy Look On Furniture at these awesome link parties listed here.