The Craft Room Reveal

I'm so happy with my craft room. It took some time....mostly cleaning this side of the basement out, but now I have my own space to work in that isn't taking over the dining room or our bedroom.

Most items for this space were bought from Ikea and whatever I could use around the house. I couldn't of spent more then $200 on this space. With $100 going to the helper to help clean it out. There were boxes everywhere filled with things I dont know why I have it. 

I decided to do photo collages to keep it from being a very long post with photos.

1. This is my craft work station. My guy built the base for the table and the top came from a desk. We added plywood over the open studs so I could hang for organization and to have my most used items at reach.
I found the light over the table from IKEA for $10 in the as is even came with the bulb!
The fabric came from my local discount fabric store and I paid $5.99 a yard. I hung it up using thumbtacks. Eventually I could put storage under this table. 

2. I found fun these clipboards from Target in there dollar section. I drilled one hole in the small ones and two in the larger one then attached then to the wall with screws. 
You can't see this in the first three photos above. 
I found these wooden bins at The Christmas Tree Shop for $.99 each and painted the fronts with chalkboard paint.  

 3. I made a ribbon holder out of a spice rack and skinny dowels. I bought the IKEA wall mounted bars and bins to hold my markers,pens and chalkboard bins.
I painted the large drawer bin in chalkboard paint a few years ago.

 The wire wall shelf came from a vender at last years vintage bazaar. I have little hooks attached to it that can hold small items like scissors. I put a shelf up using a board I had and brackets also found in the as is section. I had a old coke crate that now have envelopes stored in it.

 I tried to color coordinate my markers.

4. This is my packaging station and gift wrap. 
The buffet was a freebie and I decided not to paint but I added my own clay knobs to it to add a personal touch.
I hung small cup hooks to the wall and under the shelf and used skinny dowels to hold gift wrap & kraft paper under the shelf. It works very good and was easy to create and I had everything on hand but its so cheap to buy the supplies to make your own gift wrapping station.

All of my mailing labels, bubble wrap and boxes are store in the buffet. 

5. This hutch was also another free item, I painted it in a light gray and filled the shelves with numbered mason jars. These hold items from glue sticks to wood sticks.

 I also painted the screen divider in the same gray as the hutch and the outline in red.  painted this before I bought the green geometrical fabric for the table and it really doesn't go well together. So sometime down the road I'll paint this a different color.

 6. On this wall ( which is basically across from the hutch ) we put this large TV entertainment center we had in the garage to hold more craft supplies. This was a lot of work to put together since it was in pieces when we got it. I like that it has doors to keep dust out.

I'm using our old dining room table for my sewing and clay work. I already ruin the finish. I would love to have more of a island with shelving under it someday. 

I also hung string lights above the table for more lightning.

7. This is the inside of shelving. I still need to organizer more plastic drawers for stamps. My collection gets bigger every month.

I still have some drawers with nothing in them yet. The tv unit holds my fabric and sewing items.

 8. This is the part that looks blah as of now. I the first photo you can see the IKEA tree curtains I hung up to hide the storage side using wire and eye hooks. It goes at an angle but it gives the room a more separated space for a low cost. Behind the curtains our holiday decorations and other items are nicely kept in bins and on shelves. The second photo is where I'm planning on putting a desk that needs to get painted first. This will be my office area. I plan on hanging a large chalkboard also.
I painted a little shelf and a chair so far for the office area. 

9. Here is the work bench area favorite part in the space. I love the clutter on the wall. I will be adding one more shelf above the clipboards as soon as I stain the board. This is primarily for crafting with paper and anything in need of a glue gun.

and the before and during

In the first photo, this is how the work bench looked before fabric. The next photos shows the buffet with its original knobs and the screen divider unpainted.

 Here is what the hutch looked like before and the wall before plywood and my work bench.

 In this first photo you can see what it look liked before I painted the concrete walls. I only had to paint a small section. In the next photo this is what the store side looked like before adding all my bins and seasonal decor....and that is the table/desk that we took the top from for my work bench.
 and a few other details

I decided not to paint the floors, this would of been very time consuming. We placed rugs around and I'm still always on the look out for more or better ones.

I would of loved to hire someones to spray paint the open ceiling but maybe down the road. I'd also like real walls someday as well.

My guy had to add about 6 lights around this area because it only had one light before.

I do have to vacuum the spider webs in the ceiling often.

I will update as I finish my office area.

Some post I shared on the craft room

I'm incredibly happy with my new craft space and I get way more work done now then I did before. I have taken over most of the basement now. My guy gave up on having a man-town for me. 

I will be sharing my craft room reveal at some awesome link parties listed here.