Diy: Rope Lampshade

Another way to update a lampshade is by adding rope! This is a great beachy and nautical look.  This is more time consuming then my previous

lampshade redo



it was worth it! It turned out amazing. 

I made this into a pendant light by adding a light kit that I found in the free pile. It is adjustable to fit a small lampshade hole or a larger one. You can buy them online easily.

 Its not the prettiest cord. 

Here are the photo collages so you can see how I made mine. 

What you will need


Rope - I used the

1/4 in x 50 ft Natural Manila

, It took about three bags of this so at $5.60 ea it was $16.80 plus tax for all the rope. A little bit more expensive but I like the style and textured of the rope.


Hot glue gun and lots and I mean LOTS of glue sticks - I went through them like crazy but these are not that expensive to buy.


A lampshade...any shape and size will do. My lampshade is a large drum-shade.I know it looked nice before but I actually painted the chevron pattern on it a year ago and it looked really funny with the light shining through so I didn't like it and it was just sitting in storage.


A pendant light kit or cord kit if you want to hang it

 To start

I worked on this over a few days as it is time consuming.

But simple.

from left to right

Start by adding the glue on the seam of the shade you can use clothes pins to hold it in place to help you start. Adding glue all along the way and then adding the rope. Very simple.

Make sure its tight and no spacing show in between the rope.

You will get a little curve when you go around the second time. It wont be noticeable. Just bend it to fit and continue going around. Once you get half done its easier to to add the rope. When you use all the rope just connect the two pieces together tightly and you wont notice the seam.

 When your done trim off any excess strings and you can use a blow dryer to melt the pieces of glue stings that will be all over the place. Another trick I heard but haven't tried is placing your glue sticks in the freezer....I have to try it sometime.

Then your finished with a nicely updated shade!

 I placed it on a hook so I could take photos of it hanging up...I'm tempted to keep it for myself but this is going to the Vintage Bazaar to sell.

 I also still need trim it and get the excess glue pieces off.

 Up close of the cord kit

It fits nice and snug

I love rope and how easy it can make your decor a little bit more


or a nice beach summer look. There are so many projects out there to use rope for...even making your own baskets! You can see my board on Pinterest for more rope inspirations



I'm hoping to share more makeovers before the big show, I have finished a few pieces including the cabinet I shared the chippy painted furniture tutorial can find that



If I don't I will share everything after! 

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 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

  I will be sharing my diy rope lampshade at these awesome link parties listed