Diy: Update A Lampshade

 To give a old or new lampshade a quick and easy look is to add or replace the trim. 
I had to buy lampshades for these fun lamps I recently painted, you can see a peek of one in the first photo. I will share them finish them soon. 

The only ones I could find in the store had a ugly brownish color trim on them but I knew that would be a easy fix!

1. Find a lampshade or two

2. Carefully remove trim, if the lampshade has it

3. Glue, ribbon and scissors are all you really need and basic clothes pins

4. Dab a bit of glue at the seam and add the ribbon ( keep the ribbon on the spool if you can and cut when you need to ) Going all around while adding glue and making sure you keep the ribbon flat and smooth.

5. Use clothes pins to hold the ribbon down while it drys

I did not get a photo but when you come the seam again overlap where you first put the ribbon and fold it nicely so it looks neat.

6. When one side drys turn over the lampshade and do it again...

Simple, easy and cheap!

You can always add fabric to upgrade a lamp like I did to these ones 

Find the tutorial here and the after photos here

Please excuse the poor lighting this was

 photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg

  I will be sharing my tutorial at these awesome link parties listed here.