Bed To Bench Number Two

Before I share this bed to bench number 2 creation I just want to mention that my family and I are enjoying our summer vacation. They are not in camp and we do not have a nanny so I have to keep the four kids busy. I would rather have it me who takes them swimming everyday then someone else. I might slack on my blog for the rest of the summer. It goes by so fast. We also planned out a cottage rental getaway at a lake in Maine for August and then the kids start school at the end of August. So we are being beach and lake bums for the month of July.

My space at Crompton is still stocked with goodies and furniture and I have more pieces to bring in if I need to. 

Once the kids are back to school I will be back to work. This is the plus of having my own business!

Now to this gorgeous bench! My guy built this one again. This was not easy like the first bed to bench. He had to make cuts, and carve out areas to make it fit. It was much more time consuming for me to paint but it was well worth it. I love the post and the curves.

I mixed the paint myself to achieve this light gray color and added Plaster of Paris to get the chalk paint. It worked very well.

The fabric is a lovely shade of light green. We made the cushion with foam and batting.

I forgot to get a photo of the bed its self but here is what it looked like before the paint and cushion.

The bed is a antique twin so smaller then a normal twin today. 

This is my space at Crompton for sale! I already sold the first one.
  photo 2012-NEW-Signiture.jpg 
 I will be sharing the bench at many awesome link parties, you can see which ones here.